new yearing

hey.  updated the showings page.  lots of cool stuff coming up this month/year.
also, i'm officially the booking assistant/intern for great scott and o'briens.  direct your inquiries to slowbloodmusic|at|gmail|com.
other stuff on the horizon:  new releases [tapes / usb sticks] for Double Awake, Mind Yeti, HOMEWORLD, and Eat Cloud.
get weird 2011.



just added the official site for Homegrown II to my linky's.  really excited about this fest.  i'll be there every night.  playing at 6:30 on friday with Mind Yeti and early on sunday with Double Awake.
uploaded a few new tracks to the soundcloud account [click the "recordings" link down below]... live shit for you and your shit-ears, you shits.
lol jk <3 ya
- will


couple of awesome shows added... support musicians from other towns!  new Double Awake cd-r's will be available at these shows...


this is the official website for Slow Blood, a mostly one-man operation based in boston.  i book shows and put out cdr's.  check back for updated show listings and future releases.  please check out my friends' sites.  i love sites.