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: -Hey Neighbor

Taken from the "Rowdyism" 7"
(out now)



Draw Blood are a band Boston has been needing for some time now. Four dudes writing energetic, fairly straight up hardcore that fit in just as well in giant room full of kids as they do in a tiny basement.
The lyrics are poignant, the live show is passionate, and the riffs get stuck in your head. Please welcome Draw Blood to TDB and pick up their new record.

"There is no doubt that Draw Blood are an upcoming force in Hardcore. Though this Boston based outfit are often described as a combination of the punchy punk rock of Kid Dynamite and the socially conscious aggression of The Suicide File, their worth is far greater than the sum of their influences. Frontman Matt Wilding's vocals are delivered with a sense of urgency and conviction lacking in much of today's aggressive music. With the recent addition of drummer Johnny Blanchard, formerly of Sex Positions, Draw Blood is tighter and more dynamic than ever before. In an effort to breathe fresh air into a scene seemingly content with its own zombification, Draw Blood are offering more than regurgitated clichés from the notebooks of the lowest common denominator; nor are they content selling the same old stories of backstabbing friends and broken relationships. This band is unafraid to tackle larger issues that many are hesitant to take a stand on, delivering an infectiously anthemic, but pointed social commentary over rhythms that are classically hardcore. " - Mitch Trash Art


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Record Reviews:

"hardcore that puts a lot of what's out there to shame." Lambgoat

"...short, driving hardcore tunes that ride the line between new and old school...Cool, energetic, uplifting..." Flex your head